Best Plastic Ukulele 2022: Functional Ukuleles for Adults and Kids

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One of the biggest advantages to learning how to play the ukulele is that not only is it easy to learn but it is also one of the cheapest instruments that you can buy.

Ukuleles are usually made out of some type of wood such as mahogany, but if you want a good instrument to learn on, you can choose the plastic type instead.

The best plastic ukulele is usually made out of high-quality plastic, such as ABS or polycarbonate plastic, so it in no way should be considered just a toy.

In fact, if you’re just starting out with the ukulele, the plastic ones offer the opportunity to get used to a ukulele without first spending a lot of money on it.

Even if you decide later on that the instrument isn’t for you, you won’t have wasted a lot of money on the endeavor. Below are some of the highest-quality plastic ukuleles on the market.

Best Plastic Ukulele

1. Kala Makala Waterman Plastic Ukulele

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If you’re looking for the best plastic ukulele available, this is one you’ll come across every time.

The manufacturer uses a high-grade polycarbonate plastic that is water-resistant and strong, and it also comes in a wide variety of colors, even including a glow-in-the-dark model.

Since its strings are high-quality Aquila strings, you can simply take the instrument out of the box and start playing because it is easy to tune and easy to play.

2. Official Kala Learn To Play Color Chord Ukulele

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With very durable ABS plastic and steel geared tuners, this model has a full, rich sound and is even water-resistant. It comes with its own carrying bag, and its large sound hole allows for a much better sound projection than many other types of ukuleles.

It is a great ukulele to learn on and an even better one to take with you to the beach or the pool.

The above plastic ukuleles for travel are high in quality, low in price, and built to last. They only run around $40 so they are affordable for everyone, and they both offer excellent sound and tone quality.

3. The Advantages of Plastic Ukuleles

Researching the best plastic ukulele will expose you to these and many other brands of ukuleles. There is a ukulele to fit everyone’s taste and lifestyle (and if you are like me, you end up with a new one every year!).

If you’re curious about the advantages of choosing a plastic uke, here are a few of them:

  • They are very inexpensive as most cost less than $50.
  • They are extremely durable.
  • They are water-resistant, so you can take them almost anywhere.

In fact, if you’re rafting on the river and accidentally drop your ukulele in the water, you can pick it up, empty out the water, and keep on playing because that’s how durable these instruments are.

4. The Disadvantages of Plastic Ukuleles

Of course, there are a few disadvantages of buying a plastic ukulele, and they include the following:

  • The sound quality is not as good as in wooden ukuleles.
  • They are sometimes more difficult to learn so they are not always recommended for beginners.

In fact, some of the plastic ukuleles have frets that can be difficult to see, which makes learning the instrument even harder.

Of course, these disadvantages are usually not enough to keep most people from choosing to play a plastic ukulele because these ukes still come with good sound and offer a lot of enjoyment for your investment.

Final Thoughts on the Best Plastic Ukulele

If you’re on a budget, finding the best plastic ukulele might be just what you need because plastic ukes are still well made and durable, not to mention inexpensive.

Many of them come in a wide variety of colors, including red, pink, orange, purple, and blue, and there is even a brand that offers a clear see-through ukulele for your enjoyment.

The best plastic ukulele may not be the last uke you ever play on, but it will certainly be one of the most fun instruments you’ll ever play. If you’re exploring different plastic ukuleles and find it difficult to choose between them, there is nothing wrong with simply choosing the one that is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic ukuleles are usually waterproof, which makes them great for kids and for traveling!

If you are not sure a plastic ukulele is right for you, check out our list of the top 10 best ukuleles on the market currently.

After all, playing the ukulele is a lot of fun, and one of the reasons for this is that they now come in such a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs, shapes, and colors, guaranteeing your enjoyment every time.

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