Mitchell MU40c Concert Ukulele Natural Review

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Quick Overview

Tone & Overall Sound


  • Perfect beginner ukulele
  • Same finish as described
  • Ideal for practicing
  • Sounds good
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Poor quality stock strings
  • Flimsy tuning gears

Mitchell Guitars has been in the industry for more than 30 years, providing various affordable acoustic and electric guitars.

The brand is also known for manufacturing various ukuleles because it uses distinct components unfamiliar to this instrument.

In this Mitchell MU40c Concert Ukulele Natural review, we will focus on its features, how to use it properly, and look for alternatives.

Mitchell MU40c Concert Ukulele Natural

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The MU40 is a soprano ukulele that Mitchell Guitars first released on October 2015.

It embodies the comfortable playability for players and affordability the company is known for.

Its Lindenwood body provides impressive looks and exceptional sound, while the bound fingerboard offers comfort.

This soprano ukulele model comes in different colors to suit your style, including deep blue, flamingo pink, and midnight black.

It’s an easy-to-play musical instrument that even kids can master the art of playing the ukulele.

Who Is This Product For?

The MU40 is an excellent entry-level ukulele suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

It’s also the perfect choice for those who want to have a ukulele but do not want to buy expensive instruments.

Its tiny size makes this easy-playing Mitchell MU40 soprano ukulele ideal for players with small hands.

With its small size, bringing this ukulele on all your travels is convenient.

What’s Included?

Once you buy this classic MU40 soprano ukulele, you will also receive an instructional booklet, allowing you to play it right away.

Overview of the Features

As mentioned earlier, the soprano body type is made of Lindenwood in a natural finish. This wood type is similar to mahogany, providing durability to the uke.

Its smooth body finish adds to its simple elegance, while the white ABS binding accent makes it a beautiful ukulele.

The walnut used for the bridge and fretboards adds to the rich sound and gives the ukulele a sleek hand feel.

Its satin neck finish has a nut width of 1.33 inches and a scale length of 13.5 inches for the 12 frets.

Regarding sound quality, the use of Lindenwood resulted in traditional clear, warm, and loud tones that are pleasant to the ears.

Its open-gear vintage style tuners ensure an authentic ukulele tone and help keep it in perfect tune at all times.

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How to Get the Best Sound From the Ukulele

Music stores have four sizes of ukuleles: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

The soprano is the most common and sometimes the cheapest ukulele with a thin, jangly sound.

A concert ukulele, or the alto, is slightly bigger, producing a fuller sound and tuned using linear tuning.

The tenor is a bit bigger than the concert-sized ukulele, producing an even fuller and richer sound and tone.

The baritone is the most prominent ukulele of the four main types, producing a powerful deep sound.

Most ukuleles feature a classic, open-key tuning machine, producing distinct sounds for each type.

That said, the following tips will help make your ukulele sound even better:

  • Change the Strings

Most stock strings on beginner ukuleles are not the best and would sound better if changed to good-quality ones like Aqila.

Using quality strings will improve the ukulele’s tone, maintain its tune longer, and make its sound concert-worthy.

  • Don’t Hold the Ukulele Tightly

 Learn how to hold the ukulele properly to avoid smothering its sound. Hold it freely and allow the sound to flow beautifully.

  • Use a Plectrum

Traditionally, ukulele players use their hands for strumming or picking the instrument.

Alternatively, you can also use a plectrum, or a finger or thumb pick, to prevent scratches on the uke’s body.

  • Enjoy Yourself

The most valuable tip for a good-sounding ukulele is to enjoy yourself when playing.


Now that we have completed the Mitchell MU40c Concert Ukulele Natural review, let’s look at possible alternatives.

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

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This vintage-looking, mahogany brown Diamond Head DU-150 soprano ukulele is an easy-to-play affordable instrument with a classical sound.

Its neck and body come from rich maple, while the manufacturer used dark-stained hardwood for the bridge and fingerboard.

Enjoy easy playing with the smooth nickel-silver frets while the quality nylon string provides the mellow sounds from the Hawaiian Islands.

This beautiful ukulele also features a white ABS nut, saddle, and Pearloid position dots on its fingerboard.

The nickel-plated tuners of this low-price ukulele feature white buttons with smooth action and a high-gear ratio making tuning easier.

Upon purchase, you will also receive a durable black nylon gig bag with the brand’s logo.

You will not receive any negative reviews about this beginner kit string instrument with its clean construction.

The classic look and traditional sound of this soprano ukulele from Diamond Head make it a popular choice among players.

However, the Diamond Head ukulele’s price is almost twice as much as the uke from Mitchell.

Also, most users complain about the long tuning time, which can be challenging for most users.

Trendy Soprano Ukulele

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Our second option is the 21-inch Hawaiian ukulele, perfect for beginners, kids, and adults.

It’s a tiny ukulele with flexible nylon strings and metal knobs for easy tuning, providing a pleasant and crisp sound.

The basswood body of this instrument is built with high-quality craftsmanship with a solid wood bridge.

This mini Hawaiian ukulele has a hardwood fingerboard with 12 frets, allowing you to produce warm and pitch-perfect harmonies.

The Trendy Soprano Ukulele is available in seven colors and comes with a waterproof bag.

Sadly, this ukulele’s size is smaller than the soprano’s and built poorly. The paint on the fingerboard transfers to the finger.

Many customers say that the ukulele looks more like a toy than a string instrument.

Additionally, the ukulele is hard to fine-tune and won’t stay in the right tone while you are playing.

Mitchell MU40c Concert Ukulele Natural Review: The Verdict

After comparing the Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele Natural review to two other options, we can say that our featured product is still worth considering.

Before leaving the manufacturing company, you can ensure that this ukulele is appropriately set up and well-inspected for any quality control issues.

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