Kala KA-15T Ukulele Review

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Quick Overview

Tone & Overall Sound Quality


  • Inexpensive ukulele
  • Responsive fingerboard
  • Instantly playable
  • Produces outstanding tone
  • Excellent craftsmanship


  • Needs several tuning before it stays in tune
  • No kerfed lining

Resting your mind is essential to prevent burnout; in fact, even successful people do so. You can do things unrelated to work, like rediscovering an old hobby or learning a new skill, such as playing a musical instrument.

Music is an excellent way to calm one’s mind from the daily stresses of work, and the standard instrument choice for most people is the guitar.

Alternatively, a ukulele is also an excellent option. If it’s your instrument of choice, let’s walk you through the Kala KA-15T Ukulele review to help you understand if it is a good option.

Kala KA-15T Ukulele

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If you are not very familiar with this miniature guitar, you will soon discover that there are plenty of ukulele varieties in this price range.

However, Kala Brand Music, Co. is the most popular ukulele brand, known for producing quality ukuleles at a reasonable price since the 1990s.

The Kala KA-15 series, made of satin mahogany, became the brand’s initial flagship, where Kala KA-15T and KA-15S soprano ukulele belong.

Through this Kala KA-15T ukulele review, we will prove that its build quality is far better than budget ukes in the marketplace.

Who Is This Product For?

The Kala KA-15T is an ideal beginner ukulele from a reputable brand and is available at an affordable price.

It is also the perfect choice for uke enthusiasts looking for a quality ukulele with an accurate tone and solid craftsmanship.

Ukulele players with big hands would also love playing this instrument, with its larger size suitable for finger-picking.

What’s Included?

Upon purchase, you will receive this affordable ukulele made of traditional mahogany with a satin finish highlight.

Overview of the Features

Kala has maintained superior quality for its wide range of ukulele models, making it one of the market’s most popular brands.

Let us take a closer look at the key features of the Kala KA-15T ukulele.

  • Body

With its all-mahogany body, this tenor ukulele produces a great tone and keeps its beautiful appearance as it ages.

Its larger body size produces a fuller and louder sound compared to the soprano ukulele.

  • Size

The KA-15T ukulele has the following measurements:

  • 16.968 inches for the scale length
  • 26.062 inches for its overall instrument length
  • 11.812 inches for the body length
  • 7.062 inches for the upper bout width
  • 9.25 inches for the lower bout width
  • 5.562 inches for the waist width
  • 3.121 inches for its body depth
  • 1.39 inches for the Nubone nut fingerboard width
  • 1.8 inches for the body or neck fingerboard width
  • Nut and Saddle

The nut and saddle are made of Graphtech NuBone material, ideal for stringed instruments as it does not dampen string vibration.

On the contrary, it converts the maximum frequencies for more harmonics, tone, and volume.

  • Tuning Pegs and Strings

The instrument comes with built-in die-cast tuning pegs made of black chrome, making it easy to keep the ukulele in its original key of C.

You will see markings on the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th spots on its walnut fingerboard for easy identification of the 18-fret positions.

Most Kala ukuleles use Aquila Nylgut strings, but the KA-15T opts for the upgraded Aquila Super Nylgut, which is less stretchy and more robust.

How to Use a Ukulele?

Some say that learning how to play the ukulele is more accessible than a guitar because of its fewer strings and smaller size.

Though ukuleles may look like miniature guitars, they have many notable differences, from their size to how they are played.

Like Kala’s KA-15S model, a soprano ukulele is an entry-level uke suitable for beginners with a classic sound.

A concert ukulele is more significant than a soprano, followed by a tenor uke, the perfect size preferred by most professional players.

The largest ukulele model is the baritone which is tuned like a guitar and creates richer-sounding music than a traditional design.

Guides on How to Play Ukulele for Beginners

Knowing the parts of your ukulele is best before learning how to play it.

The head is where the tuners are for adjusting the strings to get the perfect tune.

The frets are found on the neck. These are the partitions where you place your fingers on the strings to create music.

Lastly, the ukulele’s body is where the bridge, saddle, and hole are. You also place your other hand on this part for picking or strumming.

The next vital step after knowing the parts is checking if your instrument is in tune. You can utilize the tuning pegs to adjust.

Then hold the ukulele properly by placing your left hand on its neck and your right on its body.

To start playing a melody, you must learn to read and play ukulele chords and strum or pick the strings.

Be consistent with practice, and you will soon be good at playing the ukulele.


With vast choices, some newbies may not have the budget for 100-dollar ukuleles.

As an alternative, we have found the Ulumac Tenor Ukulele Bundle that comes with a bag, cleaning cloth, digital tuner, picks, string replacement, and ukulele strap.

It’s an easy-to-play tenor ukulele using soft Italian carbon strings with ultra-low action.

Tuning is made easy by its brass gear tuners and digital tuner.

This less expensive ukulele produces a solid and warm sound with its ingenious craftsmanship.

Its back has an arc design for resonance and sound penetration, while the eco-friendly Polyjet finish makes it smooth to the touch.

The soundboard and headstock are solid mahogany, while the back and sides are from mahogany plywood.

Additionally, Ulumac uses solid rosewood for the bridge and fingerboard.

However, some uke players who purchased this instrument said the strings are not strong and need replacement.

Also, the tuners are not quality and look poorly installed, which tends to break easily.

Kala KA-15T Ukulele Review: The Verdict

Kala is known to manufacture high-quality instruments at a reasonable price, as proven by this Kala KA-15T ukulele review.

It’s an iconic instrument in mint condition with a fantastic satin finish suitable for players of all skill levels and ages.

Solo performers would love the full-bodied tone this tenor ukulele produces, plus its elegant appearance.

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