Best Ukulele Strings in 2022 | Comparison Table and Reviews

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Ukulele is among the most elegant stringed musical tools belonging to this guitar family. This most important portion on which the performance of your production depends is that ukulele strings.

Both arrive in a diverse variety and what one chooses determines wherewith you will perform. It is crucial to get the right purchasing decision as one can only appreciate the complete acoustic-potential of one’s favorite-ukulele if one has got the best strings.

There are various types of ukulele strings. The distinction lies in measurement and manufacturing substance. Let’s acknowledge both one on one. The ukulele arrives in different measurements.

The main ukulele types

  • Ukulele Soprano
  • Ukulele Concert
  • Ukulele Tenor
  • Ukulele Baritone

It’s important to record that all those have different measure length and one cannot utilize the same collection of cords for all those types. When one goes for purchasing a set of ukulele-strings, have in mind one’s instrument’s size and buy respectively.

Which are the Best Ukulele Strings to Purchase?

What involves most in purchasing a proper set of ukulele-strings is the substance these happen to be made of. Those are accessible in a mixture of options which are available at the different budget variety.

Interestingly, anything from inexpensive plastic items to highly strong titanium-strings is also available online. Varieties of strings depending on manufacturing substance.

1. Fluoro-Carbon Strings

The polymer is standardly used as fishing line. It is too suitable for those who need a bright and clear sound. This best part on the strings is those are not very affected by the heat changes as nylon-strings are.


  • Built with rectified-nylon to ensure this best intonation;
  • Built for professionals and beginners alike.

2. Nylon strings

Nylon-strings are the more commonly used kind of strings. Relying on the kind of polymers utilized, they produce various sounds. The items that are accessible at a low fund are manufactured within an extrusion method.

Interestingly, the pricey ones are also made correspondingly, though, after extrusion, these polymers are floored. These strings provide good sound, though with the entrance of time and at high heats, the nylon-strings stretch and you might have to re-tune one’s instrument.


  • It is thin, sturdy-strings;
  • Hold tuning-well;
  • Mellow and sweet ukulele tone.


  • They’re a little bit pricey, but reviews say they are worth the money.

3. Gut strings

As fundamental as that sounds, the primary key to ukulele knowledge is in sound. One should hear the mellow-tones of this acoustic and the thunderous collision of the electronic.

So take out your music collection. Go on it carefully, only listening to how the guitar-fills in or either sometimes gets center-stage.


  • Very resistant to damage and tear;
  • They are durable.


  • They are a little bit squeaky.

4. Titanium strings

To the players that are watching for a very durable and sturdy choice to create a sharp tone, this monofilament-titanium is an unbelievable choice. Also being a long-lasting choice, it also gives high projection and loud volume.


  • More variety of mixture and match selections;
  • Modern and warm sounding cords;
  • Projecting, best design.

5. Wound Metal Strings

Frequently, the bigger ukuleles with below notes have those kinds of cords. The wounding substances often utilized are aluminum and copper, and they provide a squeaky.


  • Warm and long-lasting sound;
  • Has a standard GCEA-tuning;
  • Nylon covered strings;
  • It’s durable;
  • It’s strong.


  • They are a little bit expensive.

6. Wound Steel Strings

These aren’t commonly used. Just some particular devices that are built for those strings can utilize steel strings.

The rest are more suitable to get injured because of great tension used on the neckband, bridge, and top of this instrument.


  • Strong and durable;
  • Steel-made cords;
  • Labeled ukulele-strings for simple recognition.


  • Strings remain affected by warmth shifts.

7. Wound nylon strings

It involves a layer of nylon-wrapped around the metal-winding. This gives a much dimmer, warmer and softer tone, and is much simpler on the thumbs.

The nylon-wrapping can move on the surface of a Wound-nylon string, while is the fact of Rotosound Tru-Bass 88 and others, or either a Wound-nylon string, so as the Fender-Nylon-Filament.

Nylon tape-wounds are usually considered the nearest you could have to an upright-bass sound, having that there exist more “thump” and less sustain. Both also keep a similar character of tone for a really long period.

There is more less of the “very-bright and modern sounding out-of-the-box, noticeably extra dead with period” effect of Wound-nylon strings.


  • It is original;
  • Mellow and crisp sound;
  • Change quickly in ukulele.


  • They are a little bit pricey.

Best Ukulele Strings: 12 Product Reviews

If you love guitar and are a fan of Hawaiian guitar, then there are reasons to believe that you will find this article interesting and informative. Like all guitars, even Ukulele guitars need strings.

There are many strings to choose from and therefore selecting the right string could often be a troublesome and difficult task. The strings get damaged, broken or worn and torn with regular usage. Consequently, you should replace the same on a regular basis.

If you look up the internet, you will come across dozens of strings, and this could lead to confusion and indecision. We are happy to share with our readers, what we consider as one of the best Ukulele strings reviews.

We do believe that it will go a long way in helping us to have a better understanding of the major brands of strings that are used for Ukulele Hawaiian guitars. We will look at some of the brief features of the strings and also look at some important pros and cons associated with each of them.

We are sure it will help our readers to have a better idea about the various points that should be kept in mind while it comes to buying strings for their favorite Ukulele Hawaiian guitars.

Comparison Chart

51ImaH72fLL. SL500
Aquila Ukulele Strings (AQ-4)
41XRcP6VV0L. SL500
D’Addario EJ87S Titanium Ukulele Strings, Soprano
5195zkFDhoL. SL500
GHS H-10 Hawaiian Ukulele Black Nylon Strings
51yn jMtOHL. SL500
Aquila Colored Concert Ukulele string by Aurora – Yellow
414S5 73ZGL. SL500
Martin Ukulele Strings M600, Soprano/Concert-Gauge Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings
51tgqQbhrAL. SL500
Aquila Red Series AQ-86 Concert Ukulele Strings – Low G – 1 Set of 4
51wYM4jp1VL. SL500
D’Addario EJ65T Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Nylon Ukulele Strings, Tenor
51mQ OhLRFL. SL500
Aquila USA 115U Low G Tenor Uke Set – All Lava Nylgut
51mSj ACG L. SL500
GHS Strings H-T10 Tenor Ukulele Strings, Black Nylon/Aluminum
41LVp97JYkL. SL500
Martin Ukulele Strings M630, Baritone-Gauge Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings
31RsUmBpHCL. SL500
Aquila 89U RED BARI Uke Low-D Tuning DGBE (wound D & G-string)
51uFYAG1D3L. SL500
D’Addario EJ65C Pro-Arté Custom Extruded NylonUkulele Strings, Concert

1. Aquila Nylgut AQ-4 Soprano Ukulele Strings

51ImaH72fLL. SL500

This is a high-quality Ukulele string model AQ-4. It has a number of interesting features. These including gauged strings that are accurately gauged. They come in various densities, and they provide the best of accurate as far as fret-intonation is concerned.

It is made from proprietary composite material that absorbs very little moisture, thereby ensuring stability in turning. Finally, the fact that it comes from the house of Aquila is something that makes it stand apart from the crowd.


  • It comes with new and quality Nylgut strings.
  • They are capable of providing better sound.
  • It is designed for high G tuning.
  • Comes in a compact set of four strings.
  • It offers much better tuning stability, is long lasting and durable.
  • The strings are white in color, and they look great.
  • Quality of sound is better than traditional PVDF or nylon.


  • The packaging is slightly bad and it is difficult to identify the right string.

Conclusion: the fact that it comes from the house of Aquila is something that makes it stand apart from the crowd and worth buying.

2. D’Addario Titanium Ukulele Strings

41XRcP6VV0L. SL500

This is a quality product from the USA, and it comes packed with many features, and it is, therefore, a good product for those who are seeking and searching for the best ukulele strings.

Here are some features that are worth looking at. It is made for offering the highest quality and performance. Further, it is optimized for soprano ukuleles and is compatible with GCEA tuning. It is made from high-quality titanium gauges of 0.28, 0.29, 0.33 and 0.40.


  • It is suitable for conventional as well as modern tones.
  • It is made from quality Titanium monofilament materials.
  • It offers the best of projection and brightness.
  • It is made to U.S.A standards.
  • It is long lasting and offers value for money.


  • They may not sound as good as the original.

Conclusion: Users say that these ukulele strings make the sound much better, especially compared to the stock strings which most of the manufacturers include.

For $5 you will get a much more crisp and balanced tone for your soprano uke.

3. GHS Hawaiian Black Nylon Strings

5195zkFDhoL. SL500

This is a quality Ukulele string set made out of black nylon that is suitable for various guitars. It is made from materials that could be used both for soprano and concert.

They will perfectly fit into your standard or concert sized Ukulele. There are other features like sturdy nylon materials and good looks. Hence, in fine, it is considered a good value for money option.


  • It offers the best of fresh sounds.
  • They are made from durable black nylon material.
  • They offer a variety of gauges from 25-32-36-28.
  • It is made to U.S.A standards.
  • It is suitable for a wide variety of music including the best of concert or soprano items.


  • The tone produced could be better, but for the price they are good.

Conclusion: the GHS H-10 are a very solid option when it comes to buying concert ukulele strings. They sound relatively good, they are durable, and are relatively cheap.

4. Aquila Colored Soprano Ukulele Strings

51yn jMtOHL. SL500

Yes, this is another quality guitar string from the house of Aquila. It is made from high-quality silk gut material.

It has quite a few other attributes and features including the best of guitar playing experience. It can produce bright and warm tunes for a long period with very little maintenance.


  • It is made from high-quality silk gut strings.
  • They stay in tune longer.
  • They are comparable to the finest in the market.
  • They are durable because of the quality of material used.
  • They also do make an excellent gifting option.


  • Slightly more expensive than regular strings.

Conclusion: These are probably one of the best soprano ukulele strings with a solid sound and great durability. With these strings you won’t make mistake.

5. ​Martin Acoustic Guitar Body M600

414S5 73ZGL. SL500

These Martin M600 standard ukulele strings are ideally suited for concerts and other such happenings. It has some customer and user-friendly features.

It comes with gauges suitable for M600 Soprano of .0191, .0216, .0256, .0340 making it quite versatile in more ways than one.


  • Permits the player to maintain tune-to-pitch tension.
  • Minimizes string elongation.
  • The tone will be rich and amplified.


  • Slightly thinner than common other strings.

Conclusion: This strings product shows clearly the advantages of fluorocarbon strings.If you are looking for the best concert ukulele strings to handle the tuning perfectly well, then Martin M600s are the right product for you. Give it a try.

6. ​Aquila Red Series AQ-86 Concert Ukulele Strings

51tgqQbhrAL. SL500

You are buying a quality set of Ukulele strings if you settle for this AQ-86 option from Aquila. They ensure a completely player feel.

Further, you also can expect a greater volume when compared with other standard strings.


  • Better volume compared to standard strings.
  • Made from proprietary design and composite material.
  • Each string has the same diameter.


  • A little bit more expensive, but very professional.

Conclusion: the Aquila Red Concert Ukulele Strings are the best option for more advanced ukulele players and for those who want more professional strings for your concert ukulele with a significant improvement in sound.

7. D’Addario EJ65T Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Nylon Tenor Ukulele Strings

51wYM4jp1VL. SL500

Made in the USA, the EJ654 nylon strings from D’Addario is made from custom extruded nylon material. It is perfectly optimized and made compatible with Tenor Ukuleles and is tuned to the standard GCEA tuning.

The extruded nylon string ensures highly accurate, and the best of laser sorted treble reproduction.


  • It comes with a non ball end.
  • They are designed, inspired, and based on the ideas of Jake Shimabukuro who is a renowned D’Addario ukulele artist.
  • Suitable for the best of GCEA tuning.


Conclusion: For $5 bucks the EJ65T tenor string offers to your tenor ukulele a projecting acoustic tone and a vibrant sound.

8. Aquila USA 115U Low G Tenor Ukulele Strings

51mQ OhLRFL. SL500

This is another quality bunch of Ukulele strings from the house of Aquila. The model number 115U is known to maintain the same sound and mechanical properties.

It has various other features and has been inspired by various other Aquila Lava series.


  • They are exceedingly good to look at.
  • They deliver on the promises which they make to their customers.
  • The strings are long-lasting.


  • Not too many good reviews by end users.

Conclusion: There some negative review on this product, however the 115U Lava Series are considered as on the best ukulele strings for tenor.

9. ​GHS Strings H-T10 Tenor Ukulele Strings

51mSj ACG L. SL500

This model no. H-T10 is a refreshingly nice looking, air-tight and superbly packed single package of ukulele strings from the house of GHS.

It is features rich and comes with black nylon strings with aluminum 3rd. It is very articulate, and simultaneously the tunes are mellow and not noisy as is the case with others.


  • Comes with a tenor of 028-036-035w-032.
  • It is known for offering the best possible original sounds and notes.
  • High-quality strings are durable and are known to last for many years.


  • Loud and uncomfortable according to some buyers.

Conclusion: The H-T10 Tenor Ukulele Strings they may not be the best tenor ukulele strings on the market, but for their low price, they do the job fine.

10. ​Martin M630 Baritone Ukulele Strings

41LVp97JYkL. SL500

This pack of Ukulele strings comes from the house of Martin. This particular model of strings (M630) lives to its promise of being a quality replacement for damaging Ukulele strings.

It has a few interesting features including crystal nylon and is indeed durable and long lasting. It also offers a rich and highly amplified tone.


  • It could be a quality replacement for the old strings.
  • They do offer excellent value for money.
  • Extremely cost effective.


  • Some users report the wound string twisted on the end.

Conclusion: The Martin M630 strings are budget uke strings and still worthy investment for the baritone ukulele.

11. ​​Aquila 89U Red Baritone Ukulele Strings

31RsUmBpHCL. SL500

If you are looking for the best of players, feel then you have reasons to look at this 89U model from Aquila. It is made from quality composite material.

Further, you can expect to have a better player feel, and the volume will also be more than standard strings. It also comes with the proprietary design and is responsive throughout the entire fretboard.


  • The strings are made of one material and not composite as mentioned.
  • This product is of really good quality.
  • Offers real value for the money you spent.
  • A very good gifting option.


  • The sound is not that sweet, but it is relatively good.

Conclusion: The 89U Baritone Ukulele Strings by Aquila are not the best option, but their price is really good for the decent quality they produce. Great for any beginner.

12. D’Addario EJ65B Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Nylon Ukulele Strings

51uFYAG1D3L. SL500

This is one of the best strings that can be optimized for Baritone ukuleles. It also can be tuned to standard DGBE tuning. Further, it is also considered to be highly accurate because of the Pro-Arte’ Customized extruded nylon that is highly accurate.

It also comes with treble strings that are sorted using the best of laser technology. Hence, it certainly is a good replacement.


  • It is much sought after for long lasting and warm tone.
  • It is made from clear nylon, extruded through a careful and complex process.
  • It is a silver plated copper wound and comes with nonball end.
  • Quality ensured because it is made in the USA.


  • Those using Aquilas may have reasons not to find this impressive.

Conclusion: D’Addario EJ65B are strings for baritone ukulele, and they are pretty affordable and good as a quality.

Selecting the Best Ukulele Strings

All those are preferred-owing to high architectural quality and excellent sound. We’ve encompassed a broad-budget range. Whether one is looking to a moderately-priced and durable choice or you’re searching to a low-priced cord set, you’re covered.

Identify one’s playing requirements first. As stated above different cords offer a diverse level of illumination and loudness about sound. Move for the unit that suits one’s needs. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner, one should prefer a sturdy and durable kit of strings.

Hither it is significant to regard that the identical strings can provide different tone if utilized on various ukuleles. Thus, that kind of ukulele one have is too important to acknowledge.

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