10 Best Electric Ukulele Reviews: The 2022 Buyers Guide

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Like many stringed instruments, the ukulele is sold either as an acoustic instrument or an electric one. Although many people aren’t aware that there are electric ukuleles on the market, they are, in fact, a very popular option for those who love playing this instrument.

If you’re interested in purchasing the right electric ukulele, it is good to learn a little bit about them first, and if you’re searching for the best electric ukulele, there is, some reviews and recommendations can be a great place to start.

Naturally, the best place to get this information is online, because reviews from real users of electric ukulele brands can go a long way in helping you decide which one is right for you. Here are some of the best electric ukes out there, according to the experts.

10 Best Electric Ukulele Reviews

Comparison Chart

31ryNjppOUL. SL160
Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Outfit (Heritage Cherry Burst)
31NJCbkgbWL. SL500
Fender Ukulele ’52 – Sunburst
4188JaLkcXL. SL500
Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Clip-On Tuner, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth
319ac0ndVCL. SL160
Vorson Electric Ukulele E Style with Gig Bag and Cable, Black
41bNpuWAoOL. SL500
Caramel CB402 All Solid Mahogany Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele with Truss Rod with D-G-B-E Strings
51JNWDKe5SL. SL500
Cordoba 15CM-E Edge Burst Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele With Deluxe Gig Bag and Tuner
51hSH8p8ODL. SL500
Cordoba C5-CE Electric Nylon String Guitar w/Cloth, Stand, Tuner, and Gig Bag
417cT7KommL. SL160
Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23
41dWeY+nfgL. SL500
Kmise Soild Spruce Ukulele 24″ Electric Acoustic Concert Ukulele Hawaii Guitar
311qt1RGo+L. SL500
Vorson FLPUK-2 LP-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Black

1. Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Outfit (Concert Size)

31ryNjppOUL. SL500

One of the reasons this ukulele is so popular is because it is both functional and extremely attractive, being available in either a Cherry Burst or Vintage Sunburst finish.

With the Les Paul name, you already know it’s going to be an exceptional instrument, and this ukulele doesn’t disappoint. Its cutaway design means it’s easier to get to the frets, and it is made of solid wood with a beautiful lacquer finish.

Its solid neck is screw-joined to its body, and it comes with a chrome-metal amp jack, metal frets, and high-quality tuners. It is a well-made ukulele with a crisp, clear sound and a very pleasant tone.

Users of this ukulele have said that: 

It is both beautiful and very reasonably priced.

It sounds phenomenal when hooked up to the amp.

The only “con” of the instrument seems to be its basic stock strings, which many users replace with more expensive ones after they purchase it, as well as the fact that it has a “plinky” sound when used acoustically.

2. Fender Ukulele ’52 – Telecaster

31NJCbkgbWL. SL500

The name Fender is synonymous with high quality, and this instrument will always pop up in your search results when you’re looking for the best electric ukulele available.

The instrument has a classic cutaway Telecaster body and a unique neck shape, so it will look just like you’re playing the guitar. It has a sunburst finish and a high-quality spruce top, along with a neck made of mahogany and a rosewood fingerboard.

The ’52 Telecaster offers a beautiful tone and comes complete with a preamp and an onboard electronic tuner.

Reviews of the instrument have included remarks such as:

The frets are finished and set just right.

Thanks in part to its tuning pegs’ simple design, it puts out a great sound.

The ’52 Telecaster is a lot of fun to play, and it even plays well as soon as you take it out of the box, so you can start enjoying the instrument right away.

3. Kala KA-CE Satin Mahogany Concert Electric Ukulele

4188JaLkcXL. SL500

Kala is known for its well-built ukuleles, and this model is no different. This instrument has a neck and body made out of mahogany and a bridge and fingerboard made out of rosewood. The silver nickel frets – 18 in all – are both seated properly and well finished, and its reddish-brown tone makes the ukulele a real looker.

Complete with an excellent EQ system, the KA-CE concert ukulele also has a beautiful satin finish that makes it easy to play and really shows off the natural beauty of the mahogany. In addition, at under $300 it is a great choice for people with all types of budgets.

Users of this instrument have said that:

Its tuner and electronics work perfectly.

It is very sturdy and extremely attractive.

In fact, many performers have used the KA-CE concert ukulele on stage, because its sound and durability are both so good.

4. Vorson FSUK1BK Style Electric Ukulele

319ac0ndVCL. SL500

With a unique appearance and a body that includes two cutaways and the appearance of an electric guitar, the Vorson electric ukulele comes in three beautiful colors – quilt maple, flame maple, and basic black.

The double cutaways enable players to more easily get to the neck and perform even complicated chords, and its unique appearance makes it a popular choice for both beginning and more experienced players alike.

One of the reasons newbies will find it appealing is its dot markers, which allow for hitting the notes in a much easier fashion.

Reviews of this instrument have claimed that:

It sounds phenomenal and is a lot of fun to play.

It is ready to play right out of the box.

When you’re trying to find the best electric ukulele, this one is definitely one to consider, because it is reasonably priced and allows you to play like a real professional in no time.

5. Caramel CS400 Mahogany Butterfly Style Soprano Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

41bNpuWAoOL. SL500

This ukulele has a mahogany body and a rosewood fretboard and bridge, and it comes with high-quality Aquila strings. It is a definite step up from other soprano ukuleles, and it even includes beautiful butterfly graphics on the front of the instrument.

It also includes a chromatic tuner that has an LCD color display screen, three-band EQ controls, and even a low-battery indicator, which is very convenient. Its amp and tuner work very well, and it makes for a great choice if you are searching for your very first electric ukulele.

Reviews of the Caramel CS400 include the following:

The price, overall quality, and features are superb.

It is a great value for the price.

The instrument is both attractive and functional, so if you’re researching your electric ukulele options, you should definitely include this one in your list of possibilities.

6. Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele

51JNWDKe5SL. SL500

With a beautiful tone and a very appealing appearance, the Cordoba 15CM-E has a top, sides, and back made of mahogany and a satin finish that makes it look extraordinary.

In fact, this instrument both looks and sounds amazing, especially when you consider its price. Thanks to its discrete soundhole controls, your stage presence will be even better, and its silver tuners with pearl buttons add to its attractiveness.

This instrument offers a great value every time and sounds great whether you’re strumming or picking.

Reviewers have said that the Cordoba 15CM-E:

Has reliable performance for an instrument so reasonably priced.

Has tuning pegs that are high quality and keep the instrument in tune for a long time.

If you’re looking for the best electric ukulele, but you’re on a budget, the Cordoba 15CM-E is one to consider because regardless of what you’re looking for, it offers a lot of bang for your buck.

7. Cordoba 20TM-CE Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele

51hSH8p8ODL. SL500

When it comes to high-quality materials, few ukuleles can beat this one. It has a mahogany body, a fingerboard, and bridge made of rosewood, and a herringbone rosette that perfectly complements the rest of the instrument.

Its price is slightly more than other electric ukuleles, but its overall quality and sound make it worth every penny.

Thanks to its cutaway design, it is easy to play and keeps your hands comfortable while doing so. There is little wonder, therefore, that this ukulele consistently gets great reviews.

Users of this instrument note its advantages as:

It is extremely easy and fun to play.

It offers an exceptional value for the price.

The instrument boasts a sweet, warm sound and geared tuners that remain nice and tight. It is also great for both beginners and more experienced players alike.

8. Hadean Acoustic-Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23

417cT7KommL. SL500

The UKB-23 electric bass ukulele is strung just like the bass guitar and is specifically designed for easy playing. It comes with a mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, and high-quality Aquila strings, which are white and contrast beautifully with the rest of the instrument.

Its integrated tuner is convenient for getting the instrument perfectly tuned and keeping it that way, and its back trapdoor makes restringing a very simple task. Its nylgut strings make the instrument easy to play, especially if you’re a beginner.

Users of this ukulele claim that the instrument:

Has a big sound that is easy to listen to.

Offers beautiful craftsmanship, especially when you consider its low price.

The Hadean electric bass ukulele both looks and sounds outstanding, and the built-in tuner is an asset all musicians will appreciate.

9. Kmise Spruce Ukulele 24” Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele Hawaii Guitar

41dWeY+nfgL. SL500

With a spruce top and a fretboard made of rosewood, the Kmise concert ukulele sounds good whether you plug it in or not. It comes with Aquila strings and beautiful artwork on the front of the instrument, so it is both attractive and has a great sound.

It also comes with a built-in tuner, as well as an LCD screen and volume control, and its equalizer system is also onboard. With good intonation and a reasonable price, you’ll get a lot of quality for very little money if you choose this model.

Musicians who have used this instrument say that it:

Has an amp and tuner that works very well.

Is very easy to play and a lot of fun.

A good quality instrument with a very convenient price, this electric ukulele offers a high-quality sound for a very low price, making it perfect for both newbies and experienced musicians alike.

10. Vorson FLPUK2BK Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag

311qt1RGo+L. SL500

With a cutaway body that makes it look like a super-cool electric guitar, this tenor ukulele comes complete with a carrying bag and great electronics that make playing it a breeze.

It comes in three colors – basic black, quilt maple, and flame maple – and the black one has a beautiful candlenut finish. It has a rich, very full sound and a good, solid feel to it.

The instrument also offers a three-way pickup selector that enables the player to utilize a variety of tones, and if you add a pedal to the mix, it is even more fun to play.

Users of this instrument claim it:

Is very solid and well built.

Provides a lot of fun for both beginning and experienced players alike.

This uke also has an adjustable truss rod and a bridge that makes the instrument very easy to play, and it offers both beauty and a great sound for a very reasonable price.

Final thoughts on the best Electric ukulele

Searching for the best electric ukulele isn’t as complex as it sounds, thanks to online reviews from real users that go a long way in helping you make the best decision for your needs.

If you’re interested in a high-quality electric ukulele that won’t break your budget, the following are things that should be taken into consideration:

  • The size: the soprano ukulele is the smallest of the standard ukulele sizes, and it is good for beginners and children. If you’re more experienced, you can go with a bigger size.
  • Quality of the materials: most ukuleles are made of mahogany, spruce, or maple, all of which are durable and high in quality.
  • Onboard electronics: if you prefer, make sure the ukulele has equalization, volume control, and/or an onboard tuner for convenience.
  • Electric versus electric/acoustic: some people want a purely electronic model, while others like a ukulele that can be played both electronically and acoustically.
  • Price: the good thing is, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for ukuleles, even the electrical ones, especially if you compare various models and research the instruments first.

Electric ukuleles make great instruments both for beginners and even for performers who like to show off their skills onstage. Since they come in numerous sizes, you can choose one that suits your preferences.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, and finding ones that are both attractive and great sounding is a lot easier than you might think. When choosing an electric ukulele, you’ll also notice a variety of looks, with some of these ukes looking just like an electric guitar and others looking more like a regular ukulele.

Whatever you end up choosing, you are guaranteed to get something perfect every time, and it all starts with deciding which feature is most important to you and researching the selection that is currently available. We have made reviews on top 10 ukuleles.

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