Lanikai Ukuleles: Baritone, Tenor, Soprano, Concert, Pineapple

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Done playing guitars and all? Switch to Ukulele. They are comparatively smaller than guitars and easy to learn as well. If you’re searching for a real Hawaiian ukulele, then nothing can be better than a Lanikai ukulele.

In this article, we are going to discuss each and everything related to the Lanikai Ukuleles. Also, we are going to review some of the best ukuleles of Lanikai.

Do you know what’s best about these ukuleles? They are made by hand on Oahu island. Most interestingly, they offer an attractive range of great sound, classic style, and premium construction models of ukuleles at shockingly affordable rates.

About Lanikai

Lanikai is a brand that is proud of its authenticity. By keeping this in mind, all of the ukuleles are made by heart and full dedication. They also keep the traditions in mind, and that is why they still create ukuleles by considering the old designs.

They combine the old designs with the new technology, and that’s how they produce a rocking ukulele. Moreover, they do not serve a group of people but every group from beginners to professionals.

Lanikai pays attention to the minutest details and presents a ukulele made with full passion and heart.

Every model of the Ukulele is unique in its way. Currently, there are eight kinds of ukuleles that they offer. They are concert, soprano, tenor, eight-string, six-string, baritone, suitable and acoustic.

Lanikai Ukuleles are so popular, and there is not a single doubt about it. So many people buy them because of their unique features.

These ukuleles are made using hands-on Hawaii’s island. So many models of the ukuleles pay huge respect to the very first design of the Ukulele.

They offer the instruments that are approximate for everyone from a beginner to an amateur to the professionals. Lanikai offers a broad range of designs and features for different budgeted ukuleles.

The salient features that make them different from the other ukuleles are as follows:

  • The designs are innovative, and the TunaUke technology is used in them;
  • The wood of the Ukulele is attractive, from mahogany to spruce;
  • The motifs of the Ukulele are different, and they include the most famous Jerry art;
  • They offer both electric and acoustic models;
  • Most of the designs come in soprano, tenor, baritone, or concert size.

Types of Lanikai Ukuleles

Let’s now have a look at some types of Lanikai Ukuleles.

All the ukuleles are reviewed thoroughly, and then we have listed down their pros and cons.

Comparison Chart

41n3sNmWqYL. SL500
Lanikai Ukulele (MAB)
512uQc94tcL. SL500
Lanikai MA-T Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/Gig Bag, Cloth, and Tuner
41cC03XrAgL. SL160
Lanikai LU-11 Soprano Ukulele
31B3XKlTQLL. SL160
Lanikai Ukulele (MAC)
51H52udDqsL. SL500
Lanikai MA-P Mahogany Pineapple Ukulele w/Gig Bag, Cloth, and Tuner


41n3sNmWqYL. SL500

This is the best selling ukulele of the Lanikai brand. The best and unique part of this is its authenticity and uniqueness. The Ukulele is made by paying full attention to the smallest of details. Also, the playability of the Ukulele is super easy.

Moreover, it is made using the eastern mahogany or nato wood. The combination of nato wood and rosewood fingerboard brings out the most mellow tones. Most importantly, it also comes up with diecast tuners and is equipped with 14/1 for quick tuning.

Just in case you’ve never played it before or if you’re a beginner, then get ready for a hell of a lot of fun. This Ukulele is the most addictive as it can be carried anywhere and is easy to learn.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play it because it’s easy to learn and play. You’ll get to understand it in just a few minutes.


  • The playability of the Ukulele is so easy, and it comes with a diecast tuner;
  • It looks so beautiful;
  • This Ukulele is so quick and easy to learn;
  • You can take it anywhere with you.


  • It is a bit expensive for some people.


512uQc94tcL. SL500

Lanikai’s tenor ukulele is one the best tenor you can get. It has a total of four diecast adjusters and eighteen frets. Most importantly, the Ukulele provides an exciting and attractive combination of pleasing sound and visual aesthetics.

Moreover, the fingerboard of the Ukulele is made of lovely rosewood, and the bridge offers a bit of contrast. In terms of look, this is the best and most classic Ukulele that you can get.

No, nothing is too fancy about this, but it stands tall in the quality. The Aquila strings and geared tuners combine to make an instrument that offers outstanding playability.


  • It comes with a warranty that makes the manufacturer confident;
  • The tenor ukulele comes with a hard case for protection and a tuner, which makes it a perfect ukulele for traveling;
  • In terms of sound, it is so rich, sweet, and fantastic as well;
  • If you are a beginner with big hands, then it’s for you.


  • According to some people, the fretboard of the Ukulele is not that smooth;
  • It is neither too good nor too bad.


41cC03XrAgL. SL500

Here comes a ukulele of the Soprano range. It has 12 frets and a solid spruce upper. Most importantly, it is equipped with TunaUke for better intonation.

Moreover, the color adds to the beauty of this soprano ukulele. Also, it adds a bit of whimsy and lets you enjoy your preferences and individuality through your very personal Ukulele. 

You can have a lot of fun with this quirky little offering. If we talk about sound, then it’s just fantastic. The quality of the sound is pretty good. That means this Ukulele is not just for the show. It is for the act too.


  • The size is the perfect part of this Ukulele. Whether you are a beginner or you wish to try the soprano sound, this is just perfect for both;
  • It comes with 12 frets, which gives you the total experience of playing;
  • The colors of the Ukulele are so vibrant, and they add more fun to the music;
  • The bright and unique tone is because of the spruce woods;
  • You know what? It offers a lifetime warranty!


  • It is a bit expensive when we explore and consider the other options for this range in terms of price. But it is well worth it, believe us!


31B3XKlTQLL. SL500

If you’re looking for a simpler Ukulele model, then here you come, Lanikai Concert Ukulele is a perfect choice. It is one of the most classic and straightforward ukuleles of the Lanikai brand that offers fantastic sound.

The top, sides, and back of the concert ukulele are Nato. The Ukulele offers brilliant playability and unique tones, and that’s one of the unique features of this Ukulele.

Moreover, it is well fitted with the Aquila strings, so you don’t need to upgrade it until and unless you wish to buy the Ukulele of another brand. Other than this, it comes with a DVD to provide instructions, a gig bag, and a clip-on tuner. The fretboard and rosewood of the Ukulele look great.


  • The strings are of high quality;
  • For rich sound, it comes with a rosewood fretboard;
  • It also includes extra equipment;
  • The Ukulele is sleek and smooth;
  • It comes with geared tuners which lets you hold the grip;
  • The instrument looks fabulous.


  • The tuner of the Ukulele is a bit complicated, and that’s why it can be very baffling for the beginners;


51H52udDqsL. SL500

If you’re looking for a Pineapple ukulele, then Lankai’s Pineapple ukulele is the one. Why people love this Ukulele is because of its attention to the details and convenient playability.

It is handcrafted and made by using the nato wood, which is also known as eastern mahogany. When the nato wood is combined with rosewood’s fingerboard, it gives a perfect mellow tone.

In addition to this, the Ukulele also comes with an instruction guide that you can easily learn to use if you are a beginner. This Ukulele can be taken anywhere as it’s not that big. The Soprano Pineapple-sized Ukulele comes with a total of 12 frets, and its playability is easy.


  • The Ukulele is easy to play;
  • It gives a perfect mellow tone;
  • The Ukulele is unique in features and details;
  • It looks aesthetic;
  • The touch and feel of the Ukulele are smooth and shiny;
  • It is an excellent instrument for beginners.


  • It doesn’t produce a sound as sweet as the concert ukulele.


That’s it! We are all caught up! Here our review on one of the best Lankai Ukuleles that ends.

We hope you got what you needed to know, and we are successful in providing you with the required information.

These were some of the very best Ukuleles that we have found. We thoroughly researched and then reviewed to impart you the best and accurate information.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will now be able to arrive at a buying decision.

In fact, what’s stopping you from purchasing ukuleles from one of the best brands? Order it soon and then rock it off!

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