Best Banjolele: 7 Best Banjo Ukulele Product Reviews

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Ever been in a place where you could enjoy your peace of mind while playing your favorite instrument?

While most people choose to go on vacations to listen to the favorite bands play music, nothing can beat the power of a happy sound coming from some of the best Banjolele.

From the physical outlook, you can mistake it for a guitar. The only difference is that it has only four strings, which create a unique sound balance and style between a banjo and a ukulele.

These instruments may have been popular in the 1920-30s, but they are not about to lose relevance in the present day.

You are probably asking yourself, which are the best banjoleles in the market to bring back the nostalgic experience?

In this buyer’s guide, you will get to discover the most popular models that will suit you and why their prices are tailored for both beginners and seasoned pros. 

Top 7 Best Banjoleles

Comparison Chart

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Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele Concert Scale
41RTYsB0auL. SL160
Gold Tone Banjolele-DLX Banjo Ukulele Deluxe (Maple)
31dKSh1oGJL. SL160
Oscar Schmidt OUB1 Ukulele – Satin
51w3wlV5z L. SL500
Banjo Ukulele Concert Size 23 Inch With Bag Tuner Strap Strings Pickup Picks Ruler Wrench Bridge (Natural)
Kmise Banjo Ukulele 4 String Banjo lele Ukelele Uke Concert 23 Inch Size Maple Wood
517mtKKMS1L. SL500
Vangoa Banjo Uke, 4 String Banjolele with Armrest, Concert 23 Inch Sapele Banjo Ukulele with Beginner Kit
51s0AKnqktL. SL500
Luna 8″ Banjolele with Ulu Design, Tobacco Burst

1. Deering Goodtime Banjolele

41Yqb7O gXL. SL500

If you are looking for a premium concert banjolele that is designed for both casual and seasoned pros, the Goodtime Banjolele is the one to go for. Forget about the expensive price tag for a second and appreciate the designers’ ability to pay attention to detail.

This instrument boasts of a slim satin finished rock maple neck and an open-back construction for easier grip as you play it. And because it is inspired by the American-made builds, you will have a total of 11 rims to enjoy.

From the outlook, you can notice the three-ply blonde maple ring, frosted top, and ebony bridge that produces a unique tone. If you are pro banjolele enthusiasts, this is the model to choose from.

2. Gold Tone Banjolele – DLX

41RTYsB0auL. SL500

As a seasoned banjolele player, you must be anxious about getting a high-end product that will produce premium tones at an unbeatable offer. Well, Gold Tone Banjolele lets you do all that.

This instrument mimics a traditional banjolele, but the only difference is in its design. With an eight maple rim, and ebony fretboard with 15 frets, brash hardware, and geared Grover-style tuners, the instrument boasts of the ability to produce rich sounds with unlimited volume. 

By now, you must have witnessed celebrity banjolele stars play it. While it may not be cheap for beginners, its powerful performance is what justifies its value for money.

3. Oscar Schmidt OUBI

31dKSh1oGJL. SL500

The first two instruments may have been designed for seasoned pros, but that does not mean you will not get anything on this list. As a beginner, prepping yourself to become a pro should be the reason why Oscar Schmidt OUB1 should be the ideal banjolele model for you.

The closed-back instrument has a concert scale that allows you to tailor the tone according to your preference. It also boasts of durability thanks to its mahogany resonator with a mahogany neck and bound rosewood fretboard.

You will have up to 18 frets along with a Remo head at your disposal. If you are looking for a budget-friendly banjolele brand for beginners, Oscar that features a 12-bracket cast aluminum tone ring and responsive open-gear tuners is what you should go for.

4. The Fretwire Banjolele

51w3wlV5z L. SL500

If you are new to banjolele, getting an affordable brand should be a skill that you should possess. While it is easy to get a wide range of banjolele collections for beginners, starting with Fretwire is a surefire way to get you up and running. A

way from the price, the kit features mahogany back and side along with an 8 Remo head. Do you know what that means? You already have a concert-sized instrument that is easy to play. 

Of course, you do not want to go through the trouble of buying high-end banjoleles that will prevent you from learning with ease.

Because it comes with a hard-shell case, additional D’Addario strings, a digital tuner, and plenty of accessories, you will enjoy value for your money. 

So gear your tuner up as you are about to get plenty of rich tones money can’t buy.

5. Kmise Banjolele

For the first time in history, you are going to learn about banjolele brand names that will get you rolling with laughter. But what is there to laugh about when you have an instrument that you can afford?

To some people, buying a Kmise banjolele may sound funny, but imagine all the perks you will enjoy when you get your hands on it. This instrument features under $100, so it is a plus for you. Also, it boasts of a soft-shell nylon carry case and a clip-on digital tuner that produces rich tones. 

Its easy-to-hold concert size neck with a removable close-back makes it easier for beginners to play it. Other features include a walnut fretboard and quality sealed tuners.

Nothing can beat the power of a high-quality instrument with a reasonable price tag attached to it. Get Kwise banjolele, and look forward to a bright, crispy, and twang musical performance of your life.

6. Vangoa Concert Banjolele

517mtKKMS1L. SL500

By now, you have probably decided on the banjolele model to buy. But hold on right there! You still have not tasted what a Vangoa Concert Banjolele has in the offer.

The instrument boasts of a simple and clean design made from thin plastic. While the covering may not be of high quality, but that does not hinder its performance. You just need to confirm your suspicions by playing with the strings. 

As you appreciate the impressive musical performance this type of banjolele will give you, take a look at the sound-amplifying features that include a strap, tuner, adjustment wrench, plectrums, a carry case, and the pickup. Either way, this is a win-win situation for you as a beginner.

7. Luna Banjolele

51s0AKnqktL. SL500

Are you looking for a banjolele brand that will get your friends talking for the next five years? Once again, Lunas does not disappoint.

In terms of features, Luna banjolele has a quality control department that doesn’t subject you to taking tutoring lessons.

The instrument also boasts of a soprano scale model maple body with a mahogany neck that will last you a lifetime.

The coating consists of a smooth walnut fretboard with frets. Talk about a sophisticated instrument with classic Hawaiian quilt design.

What Is Banjolele

Banjolele is a derivative of two of the happiest instruments in the world, namely, Banjo and Ukulele. This instrument is made of nylon coating that shares the scale, fretted neck, headstock, and tuning features with a Ukulele.

Unlike a ukulele, a banjolele has a drum with a vibrating head that makes a similar sound like that of the banjo. Another thing that differentiates it from the ukulele is the bridge. You see, banjolele has a floating bridge that stands independently and is not held to the head with glue or screws.

Rather it is held in place using the tension of the strings. You will need to see and touch this instrument to understand how these features transform ordinary sounds into a tune you have always wanted to hear.

What to Look for in a Dood Banjolele

Now that you have understood the features that define a banjolele, it is time to head out to the store. Before you do that, consider these few factors:


While you may have seen a banjolele before, you may not have the capacity to determine what size is right for you. Concert-sized ukuleles are the most common sizes all because they offer reasonable tones and are easy to transport.

This makes it ideal for adults. But if you plan to buy banjolele as a gift for your child or younger sibling, go for a smaller soprano size. But if you are a seasoned pro, go for the opposite end of the banjolele spectrum, tenor, and baritone banjoleles. That way, you will not have to upgrade to another version.


Banjoleles come as either open or closed-back models. Before you choose either, always remember that each style comes with a unique tonal profile. If you want to get brighter sounds, go for open-back, but if your taste is in mellower tones but louder in volume, go for a resonator.


The type of material used to make a banjolele determines how long it will last. When evaluating the headstocks, go for one made from synthetic products that look like calfskins.

If you are lucky to find one with calfskin heads with plastic heads, go for it. Remember, heads from the reputable American brand Remo are known to stand the test of time. If you can afford it, go for it.

Bridge installation

While a guitar or ukulele comes with a fully-installed bridge, you may want to learn how to install it in a banjolele. It does not take rocket science to assemble all the parts. If you are stuck at how to go about it, get a guitar pro to help you at a fee.

The Final Word

From what you have discovered, buying a banjolele is not that hard. Before you buy one, find out which size will suit your needs. Are you are a newbie or a seasoned pro?

Hopefully, the chart on this page has provided you with the best of banjolele collections for every type of enthusiast. Who knows the joy these types of instruments can bring? You could be the next legendary George Formby to ever live!

If you are interested to learn which are the top 10 best ukuleles, we have prepared an reviewed them.

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